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From: Mark Ivar Myhre
Author of many self improvement products

Dear friend,

The complete e-book on How To Create Your Own Reality is now available on 26 audio files. Now you can take your quest for self-improvement to a whole new level.

Maybe you learn better from hearing something rather than by reading it.

Or maybe you like to learn in multiple formats... and you want to crank up your understanding of these reality creation secrets in this brand new way.

Or maybe you just like the sound of my voice!

My name is Mark Myhre, and I guess you already know me, at least a little bit. (By the way, I rarely dress up - that picture you see is really from my daughter's high school graduation three years ago!)

Usually I'm wearing flip-flops and a T shirt.

Anyway, since I've had so many requests to put this powerful, practical, useful information into audio files, well...

After working on this project on and off for over a year, it's finally complete.

And now I've got 26 audio files - filled with 6 hours, 2 minutes and 32 seconds of pure content.

All ready to go. All ready for your listening pleasure.

All ready to fill your mind with everything you need to know about how to create your own reality on your terms.

You get everything in the e-book, and then some. Because since I've last updated the e-book (over two years ago)...

I've learned some new information that can really streamline the entire reality-creation process.

Information you won't find anywhere else.

For example, take a look below at Vol. 23 Encountering Barriers. In that audio file I talk about the barriers that stop you from getting what you want, and then explain what to do about it.

Plus, I've also recorded three new meditations:

Vol. 16 Generating Mediation

Vol. 21 Sustaining Meditation

Vol. 25 '33 Second' Meditation.

Also, in the very first audio, I talk about taking your 'power reading'. It's a way to tune into your power - any time you want. I've never mentioned this before anywhere.

And because people keep telling me they want more audios - I've recorded everything - the complete program on How To Create Your Own Reality, onto 26 audio files.

Okay, enough talk. Here's what you get:

How To Create Your Own Reality - Audio Series...
The New And Improved Version of the E-book

Vol. 1 Introduction

Here I introduce the concept of the 'power reading'. It's a way to measure how powerful you are at any given moment. It also helps you to immediately become more powerful.

Especially useful when you want to see if certain people or activities are sapping your strength.


Vol. 2 Beliefs - part one

In this audio we begin to look at beliefs - one of the basic building blocks of reality creation. We also look at the other raw materials and how they all fit together.

Plus, what beliefs look like. How their shape relates to the shape of water crystals. And much more.


Vol. 3 Beliefs - part two

How your subconscious mind works. How it currently holds you back and how to flip it around so you can start getting what you want with so much greater ease and elegance.

How to change any belief you want. A detailed explanation of how beliefs interact with your other raw materials.


Vol. 4 Processing - part one

Here we start working with two more of your raw materials. This is how you really start creating changes in your life.

People will respond to you differently. Problems can work themselves out with little or no effort on your part. Your life becomes easier and more enjoyable.


Vol. 5 Processing - part two

Processing offers a way to get to know yourself on a much deeper level. You will learn so much more about yourself.

A valuable tool you can use anytime to change and improve your life. Introduction to the seven steps to powerful processing.


Vol. 6 Processing - part three

Here we start looking at the secret reasons we have for not letting things work out. We say we want one thing, but we secretly want something else.

Often times we're not even aware of these hidden reasons; but on this audio file I explain what they are and how to work to end them.


Vol. 7 Choices - part one

Here we start looking at choices and decisions - how they're similar and different from each other.

The choices you make compare to the steering wheel in your car; they determine the direction of your life.

How choices influence your other raw materials.


Vol. 8 Choices - part two

The enemies of choice.

How choice creates the "neurological pathways of least effort" in your brain. How to ensure they're helping you and not hurting you.

How to make powerful choices that determine and create your future.


Vol. 9 Imagination

The most powerful tool you use to create what you want and how it's been devalued.

What imagination actually looks like and how it works with the raw materials.

How to strengthen your imagination and use it - to get what you want... and to find what currently stops you from what you want.


Vol. 10 Desire

How to find your healthy desire.

How desire relates to shame - and how not to be tripped up by it!

Working with your desire cream - the mouth-watering substance that attracts what you want.

Learn the ultimate human desire.


Vol. 11 Expectation - part one

Working with your expectation offers one of the most elegant ways to start getting what you want.

Healing the false expectation so you can create a 'manifestation pathway' that allows much easier reality creations.

Where real expectation comes from.

Your 'cube' of expectation.


Vol. 12 Expectation - part two

Your expectation is often the weakest link in the chain of reality creation.

How to aquire real expectation. Working with the 'pools' and colors of expectation.


Vol. 13 Value & Gratitude

How to use value and gratitude to help you get what you want easier and quicker.

Value basically comes from being loved. The ultimate way to create value.

Gratitude is a spontaneous celebration of five different feelings springing forth from the subconscious mind.


Vol. 14 Happiness & Joy

Happiness and joy as generating energies.

How to use happiness to get what you want. The secret to greater happiness.

A meditation to become overflowing with joy.


Vol. 15 Trust

The magic of trust. The most powerful way to generate the reality you want.

Why trust is so often misunderstood. What trust really is. What it takes to trust.

How to become trustworthy.


Vol. 16 Generating Meditation

This audio contains a meditation you listen to and follow along with, as you work with your subconscious mind to generate a greater trust.

It also incorporates the other generating energies, blending them all together into one powerful force.


Vol. 17 Responsibility

Why responsibility is so misunderstood. What it really means to be responsible: "spontaneously generating your heart's desire".

How to have the most fun possible while in a human body.


Vol. 18 Ownership & Discipline

What ownership really means. The most important thing in the world you need to own.

We often see discipline as something painful or unpleasant. Here's what discipline really involves and why you already have it even if you think you don't.

How to work with ownership and discipline.


Vol. 19 Intimacy

It's hard to feel intimacy. Why we fear intimacy so strongly. The major fear around intimacy.

Intimacy defined and thoroughly explained.

The best (and safest!) way to start working with intimacy. Intimacy allows greater power.


Vol. 20 Love

The strength of love and how to work with it.

The many blockages we have to love. Behind every real fear you'll find greater love.

Detailed explanation of love and how to use it to create, generate and sustain what you want.


Vol. 21 Sustaining Meditation

This audio contains a meditation to strengthen your sustaining energies.

Powerful and energizing way to get in touch with your own hidden strengths.


Vol. 22 Programming

Introduction to programming and how you're always doing it already, all day long. Now take conscious control of the process.

Your programming always works. Everything you see is a result of your previous programming efforts. The question is, who is doing the programming in your life?


Vol. 23 Encountering Barriers

Why your programming efforts often seem to be so ineffective. Why simply visualizing what you want doesn't work.

What your barriers are made of. How to see what stops you so you can change it.


Vol. 24 Visualizations

This audio contains three different meditations you can use separately or together to help you get what you want quicker and easier.



Vol. 25 '33 Second' Technique

On this audio you get a guided meditation you can follow along with to program what you want. It takes all you've learned up till now and blends it together in one simple but powerful visualization technique.


Vol. 26 Conclusion

How to interpret the results of your programming.

How to deal with your payoffs. Why it's okay to keep feeling your payoffs.

What to do next, now that you know more than just about anybody about reality creation.

Add 'em all up, and you get over six hours of powerful, life-changing information you can listen to again and again.

And by the way, there's a lot more to each audio file than just the few words I've written above. Each one is filled with life-changing information you can put to work for you today.

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But for now, you can download the complete program of 26 audio files right onto your computer. (They're all mp3 files.)

Or, you can listen to the audios in the member's only section of the website. No special equipment needed. If you can listen to any other sounds over your computer, then you should be able to listen to these audios just fine.

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I don't know.

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Mark Ivar Myhre
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